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Wisconsin Motorcycle Practice Test

Wisconsin Motorcycle Practice Test
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Wisconsin Motorcycle License Endorsement

Under Wisconsin DMV guidelines, anyone who drives a motorcycle must have a Class M motorcycle license or motorcycle instruction permit. To obtain a motorcycle instruction permit, the applicant must pass the motorcycle knowledge test, a sign test and a vision screening. If under age 18, the following are also required:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Have a sponsor
  • Provide proof of Driver Ed completion
  • Provide proof of enrollment or completion of a Basic Motorcycle Rider Course

A cycle instruction permit is valid for six months. If the cycle instruction permit expires before the applicant completes the skill test, the permit can be renewed for an additional six months. Once the cycle instruction permit has been renewed three times, you would be required to show proof of enrollment or completion of an approved basic motorcycle rider course before renewal of the license is allowed.

Some restrictions apply during the period the instruction permit is held:

  • Must wear eye protection
  • Must wear an approved helmet
  • Permit holders may ride alone during the day
  • If cycling after dark, the permit holder must be accompanied by a person at least 25 years old with two years licensed driving experience and a Class M motorcycle license.

Like most states, Wisconsin will waive your skills test and issue you a license if you complete an approved basic motorcycle rider safety course. These courses last anywhere from two to six weeks and include classroom instruction as well as driver training in a controlled, off-street environment. When you successfully complete this course, you will be eligible for your motorcycle driver's license without having to take your Wisconsin road test.

All applicants need to be familiar with the Wisconsin Motorcycle Driver's Manual. Think you know the material?
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