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Car Shopping Tips for Teen Drivers

Bet you haven’t thought of these three out-of-the-box car shopping tips for teen drivers:

Don’t Go Flashy

Flashy, fast and tricked-out rides attract a lot of attention. It will be much more difficult to avoid those rookie-driver traffic tickets when the highway patrol can spot you a mile away. Certain cars and trucks can be more costly to insure as well. It may be hard to resist the temptation, but teen drivers should steer clear of these glamorous rides when car shopping.

Don’t Buy Too Old

Classic cars can be very cool. However, they make terrible vehicles for teen drivers. Many cars older than a couple of decades are missing essential safety features, such as air bags. Plus, the scarcity of older vehicle parts can make repairs more costly than newer models. Among all the factors you consider when buying a new car, safety and maintenance costs should be top priority.

Keep Survival in Mind

Air bags, reinforced doors, anti-lock brakes, and other safety features will improve your chances of survival in a wreck. It also makes sense to avoid rollover-prone rides such as SUV’s or Suburbans. Rather than shopping for a tank, look for cars with sturdy manufacturing and good safety ratings.